Google AdSense + Privacy banner = RESULT_CODE_HUNG

Google AdSense and Banners for GDPR/Privacy. If you have a website and use Google Adsense to monetize your traffic, you probably know that for some time now Google has introduced an automatic cookie consent (GDPR) banner that appears at the bottom of the page when a user visits your site from a European Union country. Google AdSense's proposed Privacy Banners.Google AdSense’s Privacy Banners " Google AdSense's proposed Privacy Banners.

The ultimate installation of Home Assistant: Docker, HACS Plugin and HTTPS

Why not install HomeAssistant? directly on the computer. Apparently installing HomeAssistant directly on the operating system (whether on a Raspberry or a regular PC) may seem like the best way to take advantage of one of the world’s most popular home automation and automation software. However, this solution also brings with it several limitations, which manifest themselves in the most annoying ways possible: Inability to choose the operating system of the host on which HomeAssistant will be installed.

Force Chrome and Edge to use local DNS

The situation. As also described in the articles regarding the home dashboard and Openhab, there is often a need to define an internal DNS server on the local network under our control. Basically, in order to direct users on the local network to employ the local DNS, it would suffice to correctly set the IP address of the DNS server in the DHCP server parameters, so that the information reaches all hosts that acquire the network parameters.

Home automation and weather: how to customize your home according to the weather forecast

Eating breakfast amidst the colors of the weather. A good habit to start the day on the right foot is to get out of bed and have a soft light around the house. With an RGB lamp or colored LED strip, you can choose the color with which to light the room with the weather forecast, to combine the effect of a nice soft and dynamic colored light with what will be the mood of the day.

Javascript scripts in Openhab stopped working? Here is the fix

The problem In my case it manifested itself by upgrading Openhab to Milestone 4.0 version. All my scripts in Javascript stopped working with errors like Reference error “event” is not defined. or Reference error “items” is not defined. The situation From version 3 of Openhab, the plugin in the Automation category that allowed scripts to be interpreted in Javascript was Javascript Scripting based on the Nashorn Engine. This engine, part of Java up to version 15, allows Javascript code to be used with ECMA Script 5.

How to insert an audio player into a static Hugo-based site

Objective. It may happen that you need to insert a static file audio player into a web page. In my case I needed it to publish sounds derived from the Apollo missions for home automation (I talk about it here). Even in the case of a Jamstack-based site like HUGO, it is possible with little to integrate the code needed to employ the native player within the html5 standard for audio and music playback.

How I solved the infinite loading problem on QNAP nas

The problem of the endless blue loading screen on the QNAP. Solution spoiler In my case, I was able to solve the problem with the steps below (I hope they work for you too). Symptoms If you have arrived on this page I imagine that you too have found yourself, like me, staring at the blue loading screen for whole minutes after logging in on your Qnap nas. The problem is well known and obvious, once you navigate to the nas management page (http://ip_nas:8080) and login you are left waiting in the mythical blue loading screen without being able to continue.

The lunar easter egg for a nerd's house

Warning. Highly nerdy article. May harm family well-being and relationships with other house guests The easter egg of my home automation home. Today I want to share with you one of my latest easter eggs: I added quindar tones as pressure feedback to scenario buttons in my home automation home. If you don’t know what quindar tones are, I’ll explain right away: they are the famous “beeps” that were heard during the American Apollo space missions.

Show a pdf file in a static site based on Hugo

Target You published your static site with Jamstack framework, especially with HUGO technology, and now you need to load a pdf reader in a page? Searching around you will find excellent paid or subscription-required readers, such as the one from Adobe.com, but for my purposes I decided to implement a totally free solution. Native method Modern browsers have potential that would have been unimaginable a few years ago. Today in fact (excluding the old Microsoft Internet Explorer) it is possible to exploit an html tag to allow the browser to automatically download and display a pdf file within a static page.

The best looking buttons for the Scenes of your Smart Home

Scenes in your Smart Home The smart home aims to simplify and improve the experience of those who occupy it by means of a system of technologies and components. The scenario, understood as a set of pre-set actions and commands to be performed for a purpose, is its maximum expression. The most famous are those linked to the entry/exit of the house and to the alternation of the occupants' moments of wakefulness and rest.