About this blog


My name is Andrea, I have always been curious, stubborn and deeply devoted to science. However, only with the study of engineering I managed, thanks to my fantastic professors, to refine the approach to problem solving and the formal aspect of the analysis. In this blog I wanted to collect what interests me, which I try directly and which I believe can be convenient for others as much as it is convenient for me.


The idea

The idea of ​​putting down university, work and home automation projects in articles came about afterwards and by chance. It would be a shame to let small projects and solutions developed over the years parade in the obsolescence and oblivion of the little ones, even if they are worthy of attention.

Pssss, I'll give you an hint... Some articles are only available in some language and not in others...

Of course, of all the digital and non-digital knick-knacks that I surround myself with for fun, only a few facets will be reported in articles. In fact, I try to select what can really be of interest to others, which has an adequate level of stability and quality and which can be implemented or understood by everyone. However, if you have any curiosities to ask me about the articles, projects or anything else, don’t hesitate, it will be a pleasure for me to talk about it together.

During my period of Full-Stack Developer me and my colleagues are used to identify as BUG Driven Development that kind of operating that tipically you have to avoid to produce good quality software.

The site

The site itself is a christmas holidays - homework. I was curious to play with new Jamstack technologies and the serveless deplyoment. Maybe I will do a post about it.


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